We at Floor Coverings International serving Winston Salem recognize the importance of offering green flooring products made from sustainable resources. With improvements in flooring technology over the past several years, today there are more eco-friendly flooring products available on the market than ever before. For many residents in Winston Salem, green flooring products stand as an important addition to their home. If you are looking to make the switch to eco-friendly flooring, there are several choices available, each with their unique qualities and appeal.

Winston Salem Green Flooring Options

Carpet – There is a wide variety of sustainable carpets available today, at competitive prices. Floor Coverings International offers residents in Winston Salem green carpet options to match any budget or style. Environmentally-friendly carpet should contain natural fibers with limited chemical treatment. In addition, when installing a floor in Winston Salem green carpet should be placed down with a low-toxic adhesive.

Bamboo – An elegant, eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood flooring, bamboo grows quickly and completely grows back within three months after being harvested. Durable, yet light, bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly option that is both mildew and mold resistant. For homes in Winston Salem green flooring made with bamboo will add a sophisticated, yet modern feel to any room.

Cork – Made from the bark of cork oak, cork flooring material is completely renewable. Cork flooring comes in variety of hues and shade, as cork absorbs color very easily. Cork tiles are also a great option for energy conservation, as they hold heat well.

Interested in the eco-friendly options available in Winston Salem? Green flooring samples can be delivered right to your own home, with a free in-home consultation from the professionals at Floor Coverings International serving Winston Salem. Green carpet and other eco-friendly flooring products are available, including hardwood flooring and stone tiles made from recycled wood, glass and stone, with competitive prices and stylish options – contact us today to learn more!