When an industrial or corporate environment is in need of flooring in Winston Salem, commercial flooring options are available. This type of flooring is offered in a wide variety of materials and is often desired for its durability, cost-efficiency, and low-maintenance. Commercial environments are often exposed to high volumes of foot traffic, making it essential that a resilient floor is placed in this environment in Winston Salem. Commercial flooring types include laminates, concrete, vinyl, stone, rubber and carpet.

To determine the most effective commercial flooring for a given space, the routine demands that will be placed upon it should be carefully considered.

Types of Commercial Flooring

Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring – These types of Winston Salem commercial floors are the most affordable when comparing up-front costs. They require minimal maintenance and are fairly stain resistant for any commercial environment in Winston Salem. Commercial flooring, using vinyl or linoleum, is available in a wide assortment of styles and colors to create a specific look and feel.

Carpet – Carpet flooring is often used in offices, hotels, and retail environments because of its visual appeal and sound insulation. However, it is subject to stains and is less moisture resilient than other types of Winston Salem commercial flooring. If you prefer the look and benefits gained from commercial carpet, carpet tiles may be an excellent alternative to allow for tile replacement if damaged.

Stone – Commercial flooring made of stone, including concrete, slate, and marble, is very durable and resilient to high traffic areas in Winston Salem. Commercial flooring made of stone flooring has a long lifespan as well.

Rubber – This type of flooring is most often found in sporting and industrial facilities, hospitals and schools in Winston Salem. Commercial flooring with rubber material is naturally hygienic and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is also waterproof and stain resistant, while providing a natural insulation and cushioning to high volumes of foot traffic.

A Winston Salem commercial floor can be found in shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals and any other space that is subjected to repeated, high-volume traffic. For a free consultation, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International serving Winston Salem today!