Looking to add a dramatic hardwood floor to your home or office in Winston Salem? Cherry hardwood offers a brilliant variation in tone with dramatic beauty. As cherry flooring is fairly soft, it is often placed in less-trafficked areas of a home or office in Winston Salem. Due to the nature of this type of wood, it is also known to darken in color as it ages, providing a rich appearance to any room.

Cherry hardwood shades can vary from rich red to reddish brown, exuding both dark and bright, rich elegance. The most popular species are Asian and Brazilian cherry varieties.

Cherry Hardwood Advantages

Low Maintenance – If you are concerned about the maintenance of cleaning your home in Winston Salem, cherry flooring may be a perfect choice as a quick broom and dust mop are all that is needed to maintain this type of flooring.

Finish & Texture – Cherry hardwood is often preferred over tiles or ceramic flooring due to its smooth, high quality finish and fine open-grained texture and appearance.

Appearance – This type of hardwood radiates a brilliant, executive appearance and is often chosen by interior designers to portray elegance and sophistication within a given space. Cherry hardwood can add unique character to any room with its vibrant, rich tones.

Cost-effective – Though cherry flooring is often categorized as exotic flooring, it is also known to be cost-effective, requiring low regular maintenance.

Cherry Hardwood Disadvantages

Sunlight Damage – To maintain the elegant look of your floors in Winston Salem, cherry hardwood should be kept out of direct, repeated sunlight. The rich colors that this type of flooring is known for can fade over time, so careful preservation is advised.

To add sophistication and elegance to your home or office in Winston Salem, cherry hardwood may be your ideal choice. To learn more about cherry hardwood flooring and the various types available, or to schedule a free, in-home or office consultation, contact Floor Coverings International serving Winston Salem today! Our expert design associates will be able to provide you with cherry hardwood samples, prices, and installation quotes.