luxury vinyl flooring in Greensboro, NCAs with many things in Greensboro, trends in flooring design come and go. One material that has gained a lot of traction in recent years is luxury vinyl. It is one of the hottest design trends and most popular materials in flooring today. It’s practical, durable, and less expensive than other materials like hardwood or natural stone. Luxury vinyl is also far more versatile and beautiful than ever before, thanks to modern flooring technologies. Luxury vinyl flooring, or LVF, is a synthetic material made up of different layers. What are those layers made of? Read on to learn more.

Photo & Printing Technology

In a true marriage of beauty and brains, we can thank advanced photographic technology for providing the gorgeous visual layer of luxury vinyl. This technology enables luxury vinyl to imitate, with amazing detail, the appearance of natural materials, such as hardwood and stone. Luxury vinyl flooring consists of a photographic film layer fused with three other layers, including a strong, protective top layer that makes luxury vinyl durable and easy to maintain. Some varieties also used advanced printing technology to create textured effects, so the flooring not only looks like natural materials, but mimics their feel as well.


Luxury vinyl flooring can be a great choice for any room. With its resistance to spills, stains, and scuffs, it is a popular choice for kitchens and other high-traffic areas. Unlike vinyl flooring of the past, the new varieties are visually appealing. It’s not only durable, but looks great too. This makes it a great flooring option for almost any area of the home, including bedrooms and living rooms.

Commercial Applications

In addition to residential use, luxury vinyl can be a great choice for offices as well as other commercial interiors. With its economy, beauty, and durability, luxury vinyl is a perfect option for businesses that need floor coverings for large areas.

Rethink Vinyl

If you’ve never considered vinyl flooring for your Greensboro home or office, you shouldn’t rule it out yet. Modern technology has allowed for luxury vinyl to compete with other flooring favorites, both in durability and aesthetic value. Call Floor Coverings International Triad today to schedule your free in-home estimate and design consultation. We proudly serve the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point areas, and can’t wait to help make your flooring dreams a reality!


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