subway tile in winston-salemInterestingly, Subway tiles made their first major public appearance within New York City’s underground Subway system. These rectangular tiles were used to cover the system’s interior walls and to label individual stops.

Since then, Subway tiles have made the leap from commercial spaces to residential ones. Although you’re still likely to see Subway tiles in commercial buildings, you’re just as likely to see them in the kitchen or bathroom of a home.

Long known for their durability and simplicity, Subway tiles are usually twice as long as they are tall. Traditionally they’re made from ceramic, but they can also be made using glass or stone. Here we’ll be discussing a few distinct advantages that Subway tiles offer. We encourage you to read on, and to consider adding these iconic tiles to your Greensboro home.

Subway Tile Advantages

Classic—Subway tiles are known their simplicity. They are a timeless material and accommodate a number of different interior design styles well. Depending on the material they’re made of you can either direct attention to them, or use them as a source of subtle detail. Regardless, Subway tiles are known for offering a look that’s elegant and undeniably classic.

Easy to Maintain—Due to their larger size Subway tiles are easy to clean. These tiles can be wiped with a cloth and a mild cleaning agent. You also don’t need to worry much about the eventual growth of mildew or mold. The larger size of these tiles results in less exposed grout overall.

Subway Tile Precautions

Slippery When Wet—Although the size of Subway tiles does make them easy to clean we don’t recommend using them to finish a shower floor. They offer little traction when wet and can be a hazard. One solution is to use smaller rectangular tiles to finish the floor of a shower, and traditional Subway tiles to finish shower walls.

Here at Floor Coverings International Triad we’d love to help you find the right Subway tiles for your latest project. Whether you want to create a tile backsplash, or you’re looking to renovate an entire bathroom we’re here to help! We proudly serve the greater Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!


Photo © Jodie Johnson

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