For elevated luxury in your High Point home, look no further than marble tile flooring. Used by the most prestigious royals and luxury hotels, marble tile is now becoming a popular choice for homeowners who seek some extra elegance. Today, Floor Coverings International Triad is here to explore all there is to know about this natural stone tile!

Elegant Aesthetic marble tile flooring High Point

Like we mentioned above, marble simply adds regal elegance to any space. It’s historically associated with luxury, and when you add it to your home you easily achieve stunning beauty. The natural stone tile comes in various colors from dark grays to light creams. However, it is most distinguished by the distinct natural veining found throughout marble material. Every piece of marble differs creating a truly unique floor. We see homeowners use marble in a multitude of spaces from bathrooms, backsplashes, kitchens, entryways, and more.

Natural Flooring

Your home is defined by natural beauty when you use marble tile, after all it comes from the depths of mountains. Since it is such a natural material it has unique maintenance considerations. Marble is a more porous, soft tile that is more susceptible to scratches, acidic stains, or water damage compared to other tile materials. However, there are protective steps you can take such as properly sealing your floors and minding the products you use to clean.

marble tile flooring High PointExtra Bonuses

One concern we often hear about tile is the coldness underfoot. Marble is an excellent heat conductor, making it a perfect candidate for radiant heating systems. On the cold, chilly days radiant heat spreads a comfy warmth throughout your floors. The translucent glow of marble is another unique aspect. When marble is highly polished it creates a silky, shiny, smooth surface perfect for the reflection of light. It truly appears to glow and radiate elegance when the light shines down on it.

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