dark wood tones Winston-Salem, NC Hardwood flooring has long held a place with designers and homeowners alike as a favorite flooring material. One of the greatest things about wood floors is the diversity of styles available. You can customize plank width, stain color, gloss finish level, installation pattern, and more. With the design options nearly endless, here we’ll mainly focus on three very different hardwood stain color styles found in homes across the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point area and beyond.

Grays & White Washes

Gray and white washed tones are especially popular in more high-end homes and chosen by homeowners who consider themselves fashion forward. Grey is gray wood floors Greensboro, NCconsidered very trendy, as it’s different from the traditional brown hues most commonly found among hardwood floors. Gray stains tend to be more expensive because it can be difficult to achieve the right tonal balance. You also have to use a water-based polyurethane finish to keep the floors from yellowing. One downside to this is that water-based finishes tend to not last as long as oil-based ones, meaning they’ll most likely need to be refinished sooner than other floor styles.

Dark Woods

Within recent years, dark hardwood has become more popular and trendy. The darker the stain is, the bolder the design impact of the floor. Some of the most popular stain colors for darker woods include ebony, Jacobean, and espresso. These stains are very rich brown; some even so dark they almost look black. Dark hardwoods give the space a bold, contemporary look. Because of their naturally darker tones, some of the best species to use for dark wood floors include walnut, oak, and cherry.

Red-Toned Hardwoods

There are many wood species that are naturally red toned. This is beneficial for those who wish to use reddish hardwood floors in their home because that means they generally don’t require special staining. These species include Brazilian cherry, American cherry, and mahogany. Brazilian cherry is the most popular red-toned floor, and also has the benefit of having a high rating on the Janka Hardness Scale. The wood’s hardness significantly contributes to the durability of the floor. It’s also sensitive to light and will turn a deeper red over time. If you have existing wood floors but want that reddish tone, you can refinish them with red/cherry stains.

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