cork flooringCork is an old-school flooring material that’s recently exploded in popularity. This eco-friendly flooring brings the classic appeal of hardwood but with a unique, cozy twist. Keep reading to learn more about cork flooring from the experts at Floor Coverings International Triad!


Visually Appealing

The visual appeal that cork offers is similar to hardwood. Available in warm brown hues, cork brings a natural, welcoming vibe to your Greensboro home. The grain of cork adds both lighter and darker color variations. Though cork is warm, welcoming, and natural, just like hardwood, it has its own distinct visual appeal that can’t be replicated.


Though comparable to hardwood in color and pattern, cork is far more comfortable. The uniquely cushy texture of cork feels great underfoot. Cork is also an excellent insulator, both for temperature and noise. The many tiny air chambers inside cork muffle sound, reducing the amount of noise that travels between floors. These same air pockets help keep cork cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.


Cork is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring. Rather than requiring a tree be chopped down, cork is harvested from the bark of live oak trees. This does not damage the tree; the bark grows back, ready to be harvested again.

Where Can I Use Cork Flooring?

Cork is an excellent flooring for comfort and visual appeal. This makes it an ideal option for kitchens and bedrooms, or any room where you spend a good amount of time standing. Cork isn’t recommended for high-traffic areas, however. The soft texture of cork also makes it possible to dent and damage. Cork is best used in rooms that are less busy.

cork flooring in greensboro

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