Modern living room with bamboo flooring in Piedmont Triad

Interested in bamboo floors for your home? Floor Coverings International Triad can help!

Bamboo floors are made from the bamboo plant, a tree-like type of grass that is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Bamboo flooring comes in two types: compressed and woven-strand. Compressed bamboo floors are constructed like many hardwood floors are — strips of bamboo are glued together in layers to form planks. Woven-strand bamboo floors are made by weaving strips of bamboo together and then applying great pressure to form solid planks. 

Bamboo flooring is quite comparable to hardwood flooring. Its look, feel, and durability are similar to that of hardwood, while still maintaining a hint of distinct character in bamboo’s particular grain. 

Properties of Bamboo Flooring

Eco-friendly – Bamboo is an environmentally-conscious flooring choice. Because it grows so quickly (one species grows upwards of 35 inches a day!1), it is easy to renew a bamboo source after it is harvested for floors. 

Allergy-friendly – Bamboo floors trap fewer allergens than other floor options, helping your family to avoid reactions to triggers like dust or mold. 

Durable – Floors made from bamboo are hard and sturdy, making them less susceptible to dents and dings. Bamboo flooring with a factory finish will last for at least 25 years! Like hardwood, bamboo floors can also be refinished multiple times, allowing them to look brand-new over and over again.

Low absorbency – Bamboo flooring is less absorbent than its hardwood cousin, meaning that it is less susceptible to moisture damage. Bamboo floors can even be installed below grade (which is a big no-no for traditional hardwood).

Classic look – Because it resembles hardwood so closely, bamboo floors bring a traditional and classy look to any room. 

Low-maintenance – Aside from passing your floors over with a broom and the occasional reapplication of a protective finish, bamboo floors hardly make you lift a finger.

Get Started

Medium-light bamboo in Piedmont Triad

Whether you are still just looking into the idea or ready to dive head-first into installing bamboo floors, the best place to start is a free in-home consultation. Floor Coverings International Triad will send a design expert to your home to show samples, provide a customized estimate for the installation, and answer any questions you may have. 

Call Floor Coverings International Triad today or sign up online to get started! We are proud to serve Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and the surrounding areas. 

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Photo credits: © ninever and © Ulrich Willmunder

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