Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished flooring, some purists say, can never match the beauty of a finished hardwood floor. Others say that prefinishing actually improves the final look, because sanding and sealing each board individually increases the floor’s uniformity.

In addition to the look, manufacturers like Shaw Floors Inc. have made some incredible advances in prefinished flooring technology.  Integrating hard wearing elements like aluminum oxide, prefinished floors often come with 25 year plus warranties.

No matter what side you choose, it’s hard to ignore the convenience of prefinished flooring. Using wood flooring that has already been finished speeds up flooring installation and limits the disruption to your families day to day life.

Prefinished flooring is available in solid wood and engineered versions. Engineered flooring consists of a thin top layer with a layer of plywood underneath whereas solid is, as the name would imply, one solid piece of hardwood.

If you’re looking to match an existing hardwood floor, prefinished flooring may not be the best choice.

But if you’re looking for a beautiful hardwood solution with easy installation, prefinished flooring may be perfect for you. Pick out the perfect floor covering today by contacting your local Floor Coverings International in Winston Salem for a free consultation.

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