Cork Flooring in Winston Salem. Cork isn’t just for posting the kids’ art or for wine bottles. Cork flooring isn’t a new concept. Cork floors have been used in the US for nearly a century. However, with the surge in demand for green and eco-friendly building products, along with the wide variety of styles, cork is is enjoying a bit of a renaissance.

Most cork used for flooring, as well as wine-bottle corks, actually comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, a tree species native to the Mediterranean region. The bark of the cork oak tree is harvested by hand every nine years. The harvesters leave a protective inner layer of bark allowing the tree to continue to grow and regenerate new bark.

Cork flooring comes in a wide variety of styles offering a range of design possibilities to complement just about any decor. There are as many as 40 different colors available and shapes ranging from squares and rectangles to hexagons.

Cork flooring Winston Salem has an environmentally friendly nature that starts with product itself along with the production process used to create cork flooring. Only the bark of the cork oak tree is harvested and the tree continues to flourish after the product is removed. The bark is replenished every nine years, which makes cork a renewable resource.

Along with eco-friendly benefits, cork flooring has other qualities that are attractive to homeowners. By nature, cork flooring has 200 million closed air cells per cubic inch. You can squeeze it, and it will condense under the pressure, but then it will bounce back to the original shape. This gives the flooring a cushioning effect under foot. The air cells within the cork also help to trap heat acting like an insulator for the floors. Cork flooring is also sound-resistant and has a degree of fire-resistance. Due to a naturally occurring wax called Suberin within cork, the product is insect-resistant and anti-allergen.

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