plank hardwood flooring in luxury kitchen

Hardwood is a classic flooring option that can add style and warmth to any Winston-Salem home. Here at Floor Coverings International Triad, we especially love the look of wide plank hardwood flooring, a luxurious hardwood style that’s perfect for showing off wood’s natural beauty. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using wide plank flooring in your home!

What is Wide Plank Flooring?

The term “wide plank flooring” refers to boards that are at least 5 inches, and often closer to 7 or 8 inches wide. Wide plank floorboards are often longer than regular floorboards as well, allowing for the maximum display of the wood grain. Depending on the species, wide planks can be a bit more temperamental and prone to warping than regular-width planks, so it’s important to have a professional install your wide plank hardwood floors.

plank hardwood flooring in winston-salem home

Harness Natural Beauty

Wide plank flooring is all about showcasing the beauty of hardwood. The thicker planks reveal more of the grain pattern than standard-width planks so that you can really see the depth and richness of wood as a natural material. Species with unique grain patterns, like hickory, look especially striking when cut in wide plank style for this reason.

Play with Proportions

The aesthetic appeal of wood grain is an undeniable benefit of wide plank flooring, but it also has some unique design characteristics that make it surprisingly versatile. You may have heard that wide plank flooring can make a space feel cramped, but this isn’t always the case. In many instances, small rooms can actually benefit from the expansive quality of a wide-plank floor. Additionally, wide plank flooring can bring a sense of unity and cohesion to large rooms and open floorplans. No matter what type of space you need flooring for, consider wide plank for its versatility and charm.

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