Here at Floor Coverings International Triad, we help families in the greater Greensboro area find their dream floors. The most popular flooring option that we sell is hardwood. It’s no surprise that hardwood is so common when you’re familiar with its many benefits. Hardwood floors are strong, sustainable, and gorgeous. Read on for more information about why hardwood may be a great investment for your home.

hardwood flooring greensboro

Timeless Warmth and Beauty

The main reason most Greensboro homeowners choose hardwood is that it’s simply beautiful. Hardwood adds a warm, authentic look and feel to any room. Although different stains and styles of hardwood go in and out of fashion, hardwood has long been popular in American homes. When hardwood isn’t hip and trendy, it becomes classic and timeless. Right now, we are in the middle of a rustic hardwood renaissance, with plank, hickory, and hand-scraped hardwood surging in popularity. Tomorrow, it may be light, modern hardwoods that take the world by storm. Regardless, hardwood has timeless warmth that is here to stay.

hardwood flooring greensboro

Strength and Durability

In addition to its aesthetics, hardwood is strong and low-maintenance, making it a practical investment. Depending on its Janka hardness score, most hardwoods require minimal work to last for generations. Strong domestic hardwoods, such as maple and hickory, were made into floors over one hundred years ago that are still in use today. Simply keep your hardwood free of dust and debris to ensure it keeps its characteristic bright sheen.

hardwood flooring greensboro


Hardwood is a natural, sustainable flooring material. Most domestic hardwoods are particularly friendly for the environment because they are locally grown and harvested throughout Appalachia. With sustainable growing practices, you can enjoy your new maple, oak, or ash floors without guilt.

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