Greensboro stone tile kitchenWhile paint color, furniture, appliances, and many other details contribute to the look of a kitchen, virtually nothing goes as far to establish an aesthetic as the floor. As one of the largest surfaces in the room, it makes sense that the material you choose (and how you use it) will determine the character of the space.

For Greensboro homeowners who are interested in creating a modern look for their kitchens, the experts at Floor Coverings International Triad cannot recommend tile and stone flooring highly enough. It’s versatile, functional, and conveys the simplicity that we associate with modern design. In this article, we’ll look at three different tiling options that will help you achieve a modern look for your kitchen.


Surprised to see this in a list of modern flooring materials? Sure, marble is usually associated with the elaborate design of old palaces and aristocratic estates, but you’d better believe that it’s making a comeback in contemporary kitchen design. Polished marble presents a clean, luminous surface because of its low refractivity index (light can penetrate a few millimeters into the stone), and like slate, marble has subtle textural variations in its veined natural surface. Combine it with dark cabinets and stainless steel appliances for the ultimate modern look.

Greensboro stone tile kitchenSlate

Typically made of a fine-grained sedimentary or metamorphic rock (think of a chalkboard with a little more texture), slate ranges in color from very dark grey to light tan. Slate is popular all over the world because it’s easy to care for: strong, water-resistant, and beautifully textured with natural variations on its surface.

Slate is perfect for modern kitchens because of its spartan simplicity—though our personal opinion is that that the raw natural texture transforms it from boring to beautiful. Pair it with white appliances, wooden features, or gentle lighting to soften the look.

Subway TilesGreensboro stone tile kitchen

Made of ceramic or porcelain, subway tiles are a classic look for kitchen floors and backsplashes because they present an uncomplicated surface with just a little texture to attract the eye. White subway tiles will also catch the light and reflect it into the room, making your kitchen feel more open and lively.

Since most subway tiles are laid in an offset or “staggered” arrangement, you can enjoy a surface that foregoes gaudy decoration in favor of subtle patterning. For a little extra personality, try incorporating an alternating color pattern by introducing grey or black to the traditional white tiles.

Find the Right Look for Your Home

If you’ve got a great design idea but need some help executing the details, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Triad! Our team of design specialists serves Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding areas, and our mobile showroom can come to you for a convenient consultation. Get started today!

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