Flooring trends emerge every year as homeowners develop new tastes and advanced technology helps create an array of floor designs. Last year, popular flooring finishes in Winston-Salem such as driftwood and ebony thrived. Imperfections like mineral streaks and knots continued taking center stage in aesthetics and creating a natural feel. What about 2018? The team at Floor Coverings International Triad are bringing you the top five most popular flooring designs.

1. Distressed Concrete and Wood Tiles

concrete floors triadAlthough distressed flooring has been in existence for a while, it’s popularity is rising tremendously. Concrete and wooden tiles undergo various styling and aging processes which create a slightly worn finish suitable for houses with a rustic look.

During concrete and wood tile production, producers consider the degree and type of distress required. They scrap, swirl and add kerf markings to edges of individual wood planks. Afterwards, they thoroughly brush the blanks to create a worn texture and eliminate grossing.

Similarly, distressed concrete tiles undergo several artificial processes to create a worn-out patina by reducing their polished appearance.

2. Textured Tiles

Porcelain tiles are famous worldwide. You can fix them in your home to create a distinct design. Lately, textured tiles lack the normal glasslike texture and polished look. Instead, they resemble different materials in appearance and feel.

Porcelain wood tiles’ color and grain pattern resemble natural wood. Homeowners can fix porcelain floors which like ordinary stone and get a variety of styles.

3. Fumed Wood Floors

Most wood floors require adequate staining to get the desired finish. However, fumed wood flooring doesn’t need an appropriate grain; instead, it undergoes fuming. Just place it in an enclosed chamber with ammonia. Usually, wood reacts with ammonia resulting in color change.

At times, the reaction may produce different results depending on the chamber’s internal atmosphere, environment, and type of timber. Identical wood planks may have varying hue. Generally, fuming creates dark tones in the wood and increases the grain. As a result, wood floors develop desired luxurious look.

4. Blanched and Bleached Wood Tiles

Some people dislike glossy stains on wooden floors while others prefer whitewashed appearance flooring in Winston-Salem, NC. Blanched and bleached describes wood that has undergone bleaching or blanching. The process entails smearing a chemical solution on wood to remove its natural color. Blanching creates an ashy look with a hint of natural grain, which is very hot right now!

5. Multi-toned and Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

distressed hardwood floors in the triad

Reclaimed barn wood tiles slightly differ from faux wood flooring. They have an elegant distressed look and hue. Multi-toned tiles are suitable for houses with a rustic look. Distinguishing them from natural wood is hard.

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