Style, function, and durability are all important in flooring, but sometimes, your top priority is simply comfort. Bedrooms, for example, don’t see a lot of foot traffic – and they should be the most comfortable place in your home. Floor Coverings International Triad is happy to guide you through the most comfortable flooring available.

Plush Carpeting

Carpeting is king of comfort, and plush wool carpeting wins out for most comfortable carpeting. When plush carpeting is being made, the fibers are cut open to create a smooth, level surface. For the utmost comfort, choose a plush carpet that’s dense with a high degree of twist (the number of times the yarn of the carpet has been twisted during manufacturing). A denser carpet with a higher yarn twist also creates a more durable carpet, for added benefit.

plush carpeting


Cork flooring sort of resembles hardwood: it comes in shades of brown, it’s patterned by grain, and it’s sourced from trees. Unlike hardwood, cork has a forgiving, soft texture. Cork compresses and expands quickly – so it will give underfoot, only to spring back up. This creates a soft and pleasant surface to walk on. Cork also stays warmer than hardwood, for added coziness on colder days.

cork flooring

Padded Linoleum

Linoleum can be used to mimic the look of hardwood, stone, and various other materials. Linoleum flooring is softer and warmer than the materials it mimics. For an extra degree of comfort, pick padded linoleum flooring. This creates an even softer surface to walk across without sacrificing durability.

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