Choosing the right hardwood flooring option can take a good deal of consideration, especially given the importance of integrating your new floor color and style into the larger décor of your home. One of the most important features to reflect on when planning a new hardwood floor installation is the harmony between your new floor and your kitchen countertops. Here at Floor Coverings International, we always integrate design techniques and considerations when working with a customer on an install, so we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular contemporary countertop choices with a hardwood that beautifully matches in terms of color and style.

Granite and Cherry Hardwood

Granite can come in a myriad of colors, but the two most traditional applications tend to be a creamy off-white and a rich, shadowy grey. Granite often lends a sophisticated, open touch to the kitchens it’s used in, and we’ve found that Brazilian cherry wood tends to demonstrate a similar feel in most homes. Due to its supple color and rich graining, Brazilian cherry gives off a feeling of elegance while maintaining an inviting warmth. Better yet, Brazilian cherry combines for a great color pallet with both of the most popular granite choices, making it a perfect go to when working with granite countertops.

Black Slate and Oak Hardwood

Like granite, slate countertops are offered in a variety of colors, though black slate is by far the most popular option. Most homeowners choose black slate due to its wonderful natural coloring, which is closer to a charcoal than a true black. We’ve found that natural colored oak flooring is a beautiful offset to black slate countertops, with both materials enhancing the natural hue of one another. Oak also offers very traditional look, which compliments the somberness of black slate perfectly.

Green Soapstone and Maple Hardwood

Green soapstone is as renowned for its unique mineral graining as it is for its gorgeous natural color. This makes it a perfect match for natural maple hardwood, as maple is also well-regarded for its beautiful graining and rich tone. There’s a wonderful balance struck between the two materials, with the light coloring of both soapstone and maple working together to create a truly serene décor. Green soapstone is a very distinct stone, so it’s important to select a wood floor that doesn’t clash; luckily, maple is the perfect choice.

Concrete and Teak Hardwood

Concrete has been making a comeback in the modern kitchen, and the contemporary jobs we’ve seen are far and away better than the countertops that were done in the 1980’s. The sleek industrial look of a concrete countertop requires a certain warmth to balance it out, and we’ve found that teak is the perfect counterpoint. The natural deep reds in teakwood are stunning when placed next to the stark grey of a concrete countertop, and the concrete is given a much needed shot of life thanks to the richness of the teak.

These are just a few suggestions we’ve come up with around the office at Floor Coverings International, and we’d love to talk to you more in depth about the particular needs of your project. Whatever the question, we’ll make sure to find the right answer for you and your home.