luxury vinyl in greensboroAs a homeowner in Greensboro, the type of flooring you choose is one of the most important decisions before you. The proper flooring should create a warm and inviting atmosphere while being adaptable to your personal lifestyle. Consider such factors as color schemes, durability, ease of maintenance and how it will be used when making your decision. There are many beautiful choices available and there is no one correct answer when it comes to flooring. Here are just a sample of flooring options we offer at Floor Coverings International Triad.

Vinyl Flooring Makes a Comeback

The luxury vinyl flooring available today is not the same type of old-fashioned vinyl you remember from your grandmother’s home. The new types and styles of vinyl is making a comeback as a viable alternative to hardwood floors for many reasons. The vinyl is reinforced with fiberglass and once it is glued down, it is water and moisture resistant. Besides being affordable, it mimics the look of hardwood flooring. Photo technology is now available that creates designs in vinyl that look just like the real grain of hardwood. Rather than the old style tiles, you can now choose vinyl planks, which can easily be mistaken for hardwood.

Stone Flooring for Beauty and Durability

You might say that no flooring is more durable and long-lasting than stone. Made from the earth, it is organic and suitable for any flooring situation in Greensboro. Besides being low maintenance, it can be customized to each room or home to add a sense of luxury. The types of stone available for home flooring include granite, which is great for either the kitchen or the bathroom. Soapstone is suited to colder climates and limestone can be beautiful and versatile in the choice of colors that are available. Marble is a classic choice for its charm and elegance and slate adds a non-slip surface when used either indoors or out. To add a feeling of space, travertine, a type of limestone, can be used in contemporary styled homes.

Classic Hardwood Flooring in Today’s Homes

As popular as ever, many Greensboro homeowners are sticking with hardwood when it comes to new flooring. There are many color and wood choices available today, including locally sourced materials that are sustainable. You can go with softer woods in lighter hues to contrast with bright and bold interior colors. Besides the more traditional variations of brown, many of today’s homeowners are going with gray hardwood, which matches nearly every decor. With professional installation from the team at Floor Coverings International Triad and regular maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors for years to come.

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