Few things add to the warmth and glow of your home quite
like an inviting, brand new hardwood floor. At Floor Coverings International Piedmont
Triad, we get to help all kinds of clients find the floor of their dreams, and
there’s nothing we love more than getting to be there when a customer sees
their stunning new hardwood floor for the very first time. The job isn’t over
when we install a new floor, which is why we’ve collected a few all-natural, do-it-yourself
tips for keeping your hardwood floor looking shiny and new for years to come.
With these easy to implement tips and techniques, you’ll be sure to have a
floor that all the neighbors are jealous of!

Quick and Simple Tips

There are two quick and easy tips you should know about
maintaining hardwood flooring. If you spill wax on your hardwood, simply point a
hairdryer at the trouble spot, moving the flow of air evenly over time, until
the wax begins to melt. Have a towel at the ready, and mop up the liquid wax as
soon as you can. This should solve your problem without having to rely on any
harsh chemicals, leaving you to enjoy your naturally lit atmosphere in peace.
There’s also a little trick we’ve learned for dealing with scratches. Although
there’s no replacement for professional assistance, plenty of small scratches
can be greatly reduced with the use of a simple walnut. Take an unshelled
walnut and rub it liberally across the length of the scratch in question, leave
it for about 15 minutes, and then buff with a soft rag.

The Black Tea Trick

Next time you need to clean your floor, turn to your
cupboard and pull out three bags of your favorite black tea. It’s important to
make sure you use black tea, as the tannic acid in it is largely what will aid
in giving your floor a beautiful shine. If you have flavored black tea that
gives off a pleasant aroma, consider using it to add another layer to the
cleaning process. After boiling four to six cups of water, depending on the
size of the job at hand, let your teabags steep for at least 10 minutes. Once
the tea has cooled off enough to handle (it should be as warm as the water you
would normally use to clean in your home), transfer to a bucket and mop away!
The tea will not only clean up the dust and dirt that has collected, it will
also add a beautiful sheen to your floor that normal soap and water just won’t

Look to Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best home products for treating and
cleaning hardwood, and it can be applied in a variety of ways. If you have bare
wood floors, olive oil is a great choice for conditioning the untreated wood.
Simply add a few drops of olive oil to the mop bucket when you’re washing the
floor, and you’ll slowly treat the wood.
If you’re having trouble keeping a good shine on your hardwood, a
solution of white vinegar and olive oil can be just what the doctor ordered.
Simply mix one parts olive oil to two parts vinegar and apply a thin layer to
your floor. As if this weren’t enough, a bit of olive oil rubbed into your
hardwood floor can often assist in maintaining the luster of your wood.

At Floor Coverings International Piedmont Triad, we do
everything in our power to not only install a beautiful product, but to also
help our customers maintain a gorgeous floor for years to come. If you’re in
the market for a new laminate, hardwood, carpet, or tile flooring option, call
us today for your free in-home estimate!