Since we have all been spending more time at home, our floors are probably experiencing more wear and tear than usual (especially if you have kids and/or pets). That being said, with the correct maintenance and care, your floors shouldn’t suffer from this increase in foot traffic. Here are some tips from our experts at Floor Coverings International Triad to help protect your floors while being at home:
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Incorporate Area Rugs, Entry Mats and Runners

Mats, rugs, and runners are a great way to protect areas with heavy foot traffic. If you have hard surface flooring (hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl), using area rugs can prevent dents and scrapes on your floors. We also recommend putting floor mats at each entryway to help catch any dirt or debris that gets tracked in from outside.


Remove Your Shoes

We recommend always removing your shoes when you enter your home. This might seem obvious, but removing your shoes upon entry can have a major impact on your floors in the long-term! Not only do shoes track in dirt from outside, but certain types of shoes create more friction on your floor’s service, which can wear down your flooring more quickly.

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Trim Your Pets’ Nails

If you have dogs or cats at home, you probably already know about the importance of keeping their nails maintained. Long nails or claws are much more likely to scratch your floors, especially if your pets are active.





Move Furniture Periodically

Now is a great time to change up the furniture layout in your home! If your furniture stays in one place too long, it can potentially leave marks on your floors. Heavy furniture can leave indentations in your carpet, and flooring covered by furniture can be darker than flooring exposed to light. Rearranging your furniture every so often can help to reduce its impact on your flooring.


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