It can be difficult to decide between hardwood and carpeting for your home. Though very different, carpet and hardwood are two flooring options that homeowners will likely have to compare. Floor Coverings International Triad brings a variety of hardwood and carpet options to Winston-Salem homes, and we understand the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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A main selling point of hardwood is its visual appeal. Hardwood is a beautiful, classic, and elegant flooring option. The sought-after appearance of hardwood adds value to your home. Hardwood is also extremely durable. When cared for correctly, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. Your floors may collect dings and scratches over time, but hardwood can be refinished to look brand-new.


While hardwood is beautiful, it’s not the most comfortable flooring option. It’s hard, it gets cold, and it can cause noise to carry throughout your home. Using area rugs can bring comfort and warmth to hardwood, but this does add another step of buying and decorating for your home.




Carpet is cozy, warm, and comfortable. Think about that first step out of bed – wouldn’t you rather have something soft and warm underneath your feet? Carpeting also has the benefit of preventing noise from carrying in your home. This helps create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. To create a welcoming and warm space, carpet is ideal.


Compared to hardwood, carpeting will have to be replaced sooner. Though carpet can be a durable option for your home, hardwood is still the more long-lasting option. Carpet maintenance is also more tedious, involving regular deep-cleanings to keep your carpet looking new.

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