Here at Floor Coverings International of Piedmont Triad, we
make sure to be experts on all aspects of the flooring industry. Whether you’re
looking for hardwood flooring or carpet, our wonderful staff will be sure to
guide you to the best option for your home. Over the past few years, the
fastest growing segment of the flooring sphere has been green flooring, and
here at FCI Kernersville we carry a wide array of environmentally friendly
products. We’ve put together an in-depth guide to the bamboo flooring, one of
the most beloved eco-friendly flooring options out there, to demonstrate just
how effective green flooring can be in your home. Read on to see if bamboo
flooring is right for you, and contact us for a free in-home estimate today!

A Bit Of Background

Bamboo flooring is an incredibly durable, green and well-priced
flooring option, and it has become the flooring product of choice for many homeowners
looking to remodel their homes in an environmentally-friendly way. Similar in
many ways to cork flooring, bamboo is considered a green product due to the sustainable
nature of its manufacturing. When it’s cut, the bamboo root stays firmly
planted in the ground, allowing it to grow back in around three years, as
opposed to most forms of traditional hardwood flooring, which typically comes
from mature trees of a much older age. Combined with the fact that bamboo
flooring is incredibly easy on the eyes, in a way that greatly mimics classic
hardwood flooring, and it is easy to see why so many consumers are selecting it
for their homes.

How To Tell If Bamboo  Is Right For You

In order to understand when bamboo flooring is the right fit
for your home, it’s essential to highlight the many benefits of the product. As
demonstrated above, bamboo flooring is incredibly environmentally friendly, so
you can purchase and have it installed without concern about its effects on the
planet. On top of this, bamboo is easier to maintain than many species of
hardwood flooring. Maintenance for bamboo is mostly confined to consistent
sweeping and light vacuuming, though an occasional mopping is fine when needed.
Not only is bamboo easy to keep looking spectacular, it is also quite durable
and very water resistant when compared to other flooring options. With all
these properties in mind, as well as the affordable price tag, bamboo flooring is
a perfect choice for families that need a flooring product that can hold up to
the demands of a busy home. If you need a flooring option that can handle lots of
traffic while requiring very little daily maintenance, bamboo is certainly the
flooring product for your home.

Some Things To Remember

Given all of the benefits of bamboo flooring, there are also
some drawbacks you’ll want to keep in mind. Even though it is quite durable,
some bamboo flooring is prone to scratching, which can make it difficult to
keep your floors pristine. Furthermore, although bamboo is more water resistant
than many flooring options, it can still be damaged by moisture, so you’ll want
to be careful when installing it in areas like the basement. Even though there
are some things to keep in mind, these small issues pale in comparison to the
positives bamboo floors can bring to your home.

At Floor Coverings International of Piedmont Triad, we
always help you choose the best flooring for your home, be it bamboo or
hardwood. If you’re interested in a new flooring option, contact us today for
your free in-home estimate!