At Floor Coverings International of the Piedmont Triad, we
carry an incredibly wide variety of different flooring options, from tile and carpet
to engineered hardwood. It’s one of the things that set us apart from other
flooring stores in the Kernersville area. Although most homeowners tend to choose
more traditional flooring options, such as carpet or laminate flooring, there
are some families looking for unique flooring solutions. We’ve put together a
list of a few of the most exotic luxury hardwood flooring species on the market
in the hopes of inspiring you to consider some luxury hardwood flooring; and
remember, contact Floor Coverings International Piedmont Triad today for a free
in-home estimate!

Santos Mahogany

Coming in at an astonishing 2200 on the Janka Hardness
scale, Santos Mahogany is one of the more popular choices in luxury hardwood
flooring. Also called Cabrueva, Santos Mahogany hardwood flooring shows off a
fair amount of color variation, ranging from rich brown to honey-colored.
Santos Mahogany hardwood flooring showcases wavy graining in an open pattern,
making it suitable for both wide and thin planks. Like many of the flooring
options on this list, this species of hardwood flooring grows richer over time
when it is exposed to light, and Santos Mahogany hardwood flooring has been
praised for its ability to age gracefully.


Also known as Bolivian Koa, Tigerwood is one of our favorite
luxury hardwood flooring species. This incredible hardwood flooring option gets
its name from its unmistakable graining, which includes dark, thick striping on
a backdrop of pale gold and medium brown in a manner that recalls the look of
the proud animal. Because of this unusual graining, most Tigerwood hardwood
flooring is installed in wider planks to prevent a busy overall look. One of
the best parts about Tigerwood hardwood flooring is that its colors get richer
over time when exposed to sunlight, making it a luxury hardwood flooring choice
that only improves with age!

Brazilian Cherry

Known in many parts of the world as Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry
hardwood flooring is a giant in the world of luxury hardwood. Even harder than
Santos Mahogany hardwood, and clocking in at 2820 on the Janka Hardness scale,
Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is beloved for its extreme color variation. Color
patterns can be anywhere from reddish and brown tones, with reddish and blonde
highlights and occasionally very deep red swaths. This gorgeous color variation
creates a truly unique look in your home, and Brazilian Cherry hardwood
flooring is often compared to a work of art. Like the other luxury hardwood
flooring species mentioned above, Brazilian Cherry flooring becomes richer with
age. Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring also showcases unique stripped
graining, making it the premiere luxury hardwood flooring option.

If you’re interested in a rare hardwood flooring species,
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