One of the many trends our Design Associates hear about here in Piedmont Triad, is the use of dark wood floors. The next question our customers will ask is how to decorate their homes if they have dark hardwood floors throughout their home. Here are some of the tips they shared with us based on the location in the home.


Regardless of the look you want to go for, dark hardwood floors are surprisingly versatile and very durable. If you want your kitchen to feel lighter and brighter, consider a glossier finish and look for a wood species that is not very grainy for your floors.  Keep accessories slick and stream-lined such as metal knobs and handles to help open up the room. Consider choosing cabinetry that is white or a lighter wood color than your floors. Cabinetry that has glass clear or frosted panes will help to give your kitchen an airy feel and you can easily see what’s in your kitchen cabinets!

If you want to keep it moody, try dark cabinets to go with your floors and even a dark marble or quartz countertop. Choose leather barstools with distressed metal accents if you have an island or bar area to really give a masculine and rough look.

Living and Dining Room

Much like the kitchen you will want to consider texture with the pieces you choose in addition to the colors. In general, the more textures in your space the cozier the room will feel. Choose lightweight fabrics to help give your room a feminine touch or add a floral print to balance out the masculinity in your floors.

Another great way to open up your space is to keep the walls light. White or a pale gray is a great choice to consider. Pops of color like orange and red can help to give the space some extra life. If you the room still feels harsh consider paper lampshades and lighting products to contrast against the wood.

If you have an open concept floor layout in your home, consider how each space will be considered separate but have continuity from one room to the next. The floors are one way, but also consider the wall colors and color palette as a great starting place.


Dark wood floors in the bedroom might bring a tropical bungalow to mind. Choose a dark wood frame with fluffy white linens if you want to go that route. Choose detailed side tables and chests, almost reminiscent of baroque pieces, with a mix of silk to give your bedroom a very luxurious feeling. A carpet is great way to help anchor your furniture pieces in your room and is great during those winter mornings that we get here in Piedmont Triad.

We did not mention wood floors in the bathroom, as this is quite uncommon. We hope this gives you some inspiration if you are considering the look of dark woods in your floors or to love your dark wood floors again!