Cut pile carpet at foot of bed by window with natural light in Winston-SalemWhen it comes to choosing flooring for your Winston-Salem home, it’s hard to go wrong with carpet. Carpet flooring has been a classic style for decades, and it offers warmth, comfort, and style to any room. Carpet also comes in an extensive range of types, styles, and colors. There is a perfect fit for nearly every space.

For those considering carpet flooring installation, it is important to understand what differentiates one carpet type from another. One of the most important distinctions to be aware of is the difference between cut pile and loop pile carpet. 

To understand the difference between the two, you must first know how carpet is made.

How is carpet made?

Though there are many ways to create carpet (including weaving), tufting is one of the most popular methods to make the carpet flooring used in Winston-Salem homes. 

Tufted carpet is made by looping yarn through a backing material. You loop the yarn over and over again, eventually resulting in dense rows of loops. This is the carpet “pile”: the collection of threads that make up the carpet. 

How are cut pile and loop pile carpet different?

Gray loop pile carpet in office space with desk and chairs in Winston-Salem

Loop pile carpet

At this stage in carpet making, you have loop pile carpet. 

Cut pile carpet requires another step: each loop is cut into two separate strands. So instead of loops coming out of the backing material, little carpet threads stick out to make up the carpet.

Which is best?

White, high cut pile carpet flooring in Winston-Salem

Cut pile carpet

Both cut pile and loop pile carpet flooring are well-suited for Winston-Salem homes. Which one is a better fit depends on the unique needs of your house.

Carpet, no matter the type of pile, offers easy maintenance, sound absorption, and a traditional look.

Loop pile carpet is a champion of durability. The density of the loops bolsters loop pile carpet’s ability to withstand the frequent feet of high-traffic areas.

Cut pile carpet is a king of comfort. The soft edges of the threads are available in various lengths and styles that all feel plush and soft underfoot. Choose cut pile carpet flooring for rooms where coziness is the priority. 

Get an expert in on it

Every house is unique, and yours is no exception! If you’re looking to install carpet flooring in your Winston-Salem home, one of the easiest ways to learn about which type works best for your specific needs is to get a professional in on it.

The experts at Floor Coverings International Triad can answer questions, provide service estimates, and offer suggestions tailored specifically to you during a free in-home consultation. We are proud to serve Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and the surrounding areas. Call or sign up online to get an expert on your team today!

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