When choosing which type of flooring to use in your home, carpet is often the first to spring to mind. As one of the most commonly used and versatile floor coverings, carpet has variety and staying power, making it an excellent choice for nearly any space in your home. At Floor Coverings International Triad, we’ll help you pick the best carpet for your lifestyle. Check out some of our favorite reasons to choose carpet for Greensboro homes.

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Comfy and Cozy

Carpet provides a soft tread underfoot, making it a perfect choice for homes with early risers. Cushioned, comfortable carpet hugs your feet in the morning and provides support at the end of the day for tired toes. The length of the carpet pile is an important factor in your decision. Choose a tight, looped Berber carpet for low profile carpet, or opt for luxurious long pile shag carpet.

Carpet makes it easy to sprawl out and get comfortable on the floor for family game night, movies, or just to read or play with the kids. Choosing carpet can transform a room and create an atmosphere perfect for lounging and relaxing in your home.


It’s important to be mindful of how our choices affect the world around us, and our flooring is no different. Nylon carpet is the most common variety of carpeting that is also recyclable. Nylon is a strong, durable material that will hold up long-term in your home, so you won’t need to worry about using it in high-traffic areas. Nylon carpet is also extremely affordable and easy to install, making it wallet friendly in addition to being eco-friendly.

Naturally-derived carpet materials offer another intriguing choice for the eco-conscious homeowner. Sisal carpet is a woven plant-based material that is sturdy and non-toxic. Sisal is easily dyed as well, meaning you’ll have plenty of colors to choose from to fit any room.

Easy Maintenance

Carpet doesn’t require sealing, sanding, or refinishing; all you’ll really need to keep your carpet fresh is a vacuum. Spray-on protection products are also available to inhibit staining from spills or tracked in gunk. Keeping your carpet fresh will make it last for a long time.


If you’re ready to see what carpet options are available for your Greensboro home, contact us today for a free consultation. Our experts will help you choose the best carpet for your home. See why homeowners in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point come to us for guidance with all kinds of flooring needs.

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