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Carpeting is as durable as it is comfortable. That’s why many Greensboro homeowners choose carpet for their bedrooms. At Floor Coverings International Triad, we work with families to find their dream flooring. Here are some of our favorite carpeting options for bedrooms.


Frieze carpeting may be pronounced freeze, but it is far from cold. This warm and fuzzy carpeting is very popular for its durability, which comes from its tightly twisted fibers. While many carpets have fibers that are slightly twisted, frieze’s fibers are spun up to ten times! What results is carpeting that is great at hiding dirt, as well as foot and vacuum tracks. This makes frieze a great pick for bedrooms that are going for a fun, casual look.

Loop Pile

There are two types of carpeting: loop pile and cut pile. Carpets are made by threading yarn back and forth through a backing material. In the case of cut pile carpet, each resulting loop is severed, leaving two strands. By leaving the loops intact, you get loop pile carpeting. This closed-loop design makes loop pile carpet the most durable carpeting option available. It’s even used in retail and office settings. Some Greensboro families choose loop pile carpet because of its longevity and subtle style. The most popular type of loop pile available is berber.


Dense, fluffy, and bouncy are common words used to describe plush carpeting. Although it is not the most common type of carpeting overall, it is a great choice for bedrooms due to its comfort. Plush area rugs are popular choices for bedrooms with existing hardwood or laminate.

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