Selecting a good floor for your bathroom can be a tricky
job. Bathroom floors should be strong, water-resistant, and easy to clean yet
still pleasing to the eye and comfortable underfoot. Although the choice can
seem daunting, FCI of Piedmont Triad is here to help! Here are a few popular
choices for the floors in bathrooms.


Classic tile is always a good choice for bathroom floors. Waterproof
and resistant, it can hold up to the wear and tear from consistent use. Tiles
come in different sizes, so you can make a pattern or layout to fit your space.
Depending on the style and color, you can create formal or informal designs.
One downside to tile is that it can be cold underfoot, as tile does not easily
change temperatures.


Laminate is another stylish choice. Although not as
resilient as tile, its protective top layer means that the floors are similarly
resistant to water and wear. Because of its construction, laminate flooring can
be developed in an incredible variety of patterns and styles, even able to
imitate other floors like hardwood. Laminate is also a little more comfortable
to stand on than firm and often cold tile.


Finally, vinyl is another great choice. Available in tile
and planks, vinyl can be quickly and easily installed. Similar to laminate,
vinyl can be designed to imitate other floors, like wood or stone, that may not
be as feasible or affordable to use. It also is comfortable and warm underfoot.
Vinyl is a good choice in-between the lower-end laminate and higher-end tile.

If you’re looking for new floors for your bathroom, be sure
to give Floor Coverings International of Kernersville a call. Our design
experts will come by for a free in-home consultation to help you find the
perfect floor for your space!