Carpets serve many purposes depending on the homeowner. They can add color to a dull room or make an area safer for young children. But perhaps the key reason for choosing a carpet is to add a level of comfiness to a room. As a general rule of thumb, cut-pile carpets are going to be much softer to the touch than loop-pile carpets. While loop-pile carpets are significantly more durable, they don’t make as comfy of a floor. That’s the trade-off. However, for rooms where the goal is to be as cozy as possible and not as durable as possible, consider these carpet styles:comfy carpet in piedmont tried

1. Wool Carpet

It’s probably not surprising that wool is on this list. If you’ve ever tried on wool socks or slippers, you know that wool is plush and extremely comfortable to walk on. If you are looking for the softest carpet possible, wool is definitely your best bet. However, wool can be expensive and doesn’t hold up to stains as well as some synthetic carpet materials. If you have kids and pets, this may not be the best option for you.

2. Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpets are known for being great at resisting stains and are a less expensive alternative to wool. While they aren’t quite as lush or luxurious, they can certainly do the trick. Nylon carpets can easily last in your home for 10 years or more and will withstand areas with heavy foot traffic. The perfect option for a busy household.  

3. Polyester Carpet

The least expensive of the three option is polyester. Similar to nylon, these carpets are soft to the touch but without the huge price tag. Polyester, however, isn’t quite as durable as nylon and definitely not as durable as wool. However, if you’re looking for a soft carpet on a budget, polyester may be the best option for you!

There’s nothing like coming home and relaxing in a cozy space. Many elements go into creating that space, and carpet is one of the most important ones. With so many carpets to choose from, make sure to consult with the experts at Floor Coverings International Triad beforehand. Our design team is dedicated to finding the best flooring solution for your family and helping with everything from ideation to installation. Give us a call to schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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