Are These Viral Cleaning Hacks Actually Safe for Your Home?

  Viral online trends are a great way to learn new tricks and discover that you’ve been doing things wrong your entire life, but they can also spread misinformation like a virus. Today, we have compiled 3 viral floor cleaning “hacks” and weigh in on whether or not these will be safe for your home... Read more »

How to Properly Clean Laminate Flooring: Homemade or Store-Bought!

  Laminate floors are a popular choice among homeowners in the Piedmont Triad area, and for good reason. Laminate floors are cost-effective, durable, and mimic the look of hardwood floors. However, laminate floors require a specialized kind of cleaning regimen to stay looking clean and new. Once scratched, laminate floors cannot be refinished like traditional... Read more »

Matching Different Wood Tones In Your Home

Cohesion of wood tones goes a long way in a beautiful home like yours. From mixing saturated oaks tones with dark-stained maple, or comparing the look of smooth flooring to wire brushed, the opportunities are endless. It is important to make a home look as simple yet elegant as possible–and it is easy! Here are... Read more »

Maintenance Tips For Tile Flooring

If you have tile floors, chances are that you enjoy them. They're extremely durable, they look fantastic, and they last for a lifetime when installed properly. But did you know that proper maintenance on your tile floors can extend their longevity even further? Here are our essential tips for keeping your tiles shining well into... Read more »

Solutions for Cold Floors This Winter

With freezing storms forecasted across much of the US, winter is well underway. Colder temperatures mean colder floors, which can can cause a shocking amount of heat loss in your otherwise warm home. Luckily, we have a few tips to keep your toes happy this holiday season!   Area Rugs Our first tip also happens... Read more »

Holiday Gifts For Your Greensboro Home

For many, the care and keeping of one’s home is a great source of pride. If you’re gifting for someone who loves a tidy home this year, we have some great ideas for you! Portable Carpet Cleaner Portable carpet cleaners are a handy tool for carpeted homes. They are particularly beneficial for those with kids... Read more »

Protect Your Floors Throughout the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of joy and gathering of friends and family. It’s wonderful to have everyone together, but the extra traffic on your floors (especially with winter weather!) can take a toll. Here are our best tips for maintaining your flooring during the busy holiday season: Protective Rugs and Mats Placing water- and... Read more »

The Differences Between Oak, Maple, and Hickory Flooring

There are a plethora of different species of trees that you can use for your hardwood flooring. We will be going over the characteristics of three of the most popular and beautiful species for flooring: oak, maple, and hickory, so that you can be better informed when making a decision to use one for your... Read more »

Best Flooring Styles For Entryways

The entryway to your home allows loved ones to gather information about how the rest of your home will appear. Interested in making a great first impression for them? Here is a list of flooring that are sure to impress your guests.  Hardwood  Known for its beauty and durability, it is no surprise that hardwood... Read more »

Four Reasons Why Glass Tiling Would Be Perfect For Your Home

Interested in attaining sleek and modern styles with a bit of shine for your home? Here are four reasons why glass tiles would make a great and stylish option for your kitchen or bathroom flooring and backsplash.    Comes in an array of options Glass tile holds a lot of creative and stunning qualities. Our... Read more »

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